Turbo Charged Mustang, Fox Body

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Gizmos Has been building Pro Touring cars long before the term Pro Touring came to be. This Turbo Charged V8 Fox Body Mustang is a fantastic example of how Gizmos is always ahead of the industry.

It all starts with a customer and a dream… In this case, the customer had seen Gizmos work in the past and sought Gizmos out with an idea to build a street capable, Fox Body Mustang on a Supercar platform. As with all custom cars that Gizmos is involve with, Gizmos and the customer exchanged ideas, requirements and needs. Once the plan was made on this custom Pro Touring car, Gizmos started making progress towards the customers dream car.

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Starting with the suspension. To meet the demands of a car that would handle equal or better than a modern supercar, Gizmos engineered and hand built the suspension components to exceed expectations and hold up to the turbo charged high horse power engine and extreme track punishment. The rear suspension is a custom three-link suspension with Gizmos signature Watts-Link. All components were created with 4130 chrome molly raw material and the highest-grade billet available. The rear axle is a Gizmos unique 9” Ford based housing with a few of Gizmos tricks… The nickel plating allowed for a durable, ease of cleaning and also accentuated the highly skilled tig welds. On the front side, Gizmos created an IFS (independent front suspension) that was engineered for full articulation of the steering and of course keeping the tires planted during high speed cornering, straight line drag racing or just daily driving. Custom built Penske shocks were built and installed. The custom built CCW Wheels fit perfect within the space and esthetics. Now that the Pro Touring Mustang had a custom, superior suspension taking shape, Gizmos started making progress with the drivetrain.

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